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Dear Independent Freaking Distributors…

Yesterday I received another invitation to take part in a 'fitness group', but not just any fitness group, a FREE fitness group. How free? Well, all I have to do is spend 100's of dollars on the shakes that will... Continue Reading →

What we all fight for, we fight against.

For the 7 months I have been a mom, I have realized something. We all hate it when our child is compared to another child, but we ALL compare other children to our children. WHY? Honestly, I don't know. We... Continue Reading →

I don’t care what you think.

"You should pierce her ears. No one knows she's a girl." - Maybe I should pick parts of your body to pierce, without your say. Sounds fun. "I can't believe you left and made your husband take care of her on his own." - HA. HA. HA. I don't have any nice-ish responses for this one. "Let me babysit your baby. Any time I'd love to." - I don't trust you, because you annoy me. Not to mention, you don't even listen to how I want things done with my baby when I'm around, so I can only imagine what you would do when I am not there.

After the first week, it gets 90% better.

Having a baby was a shock to me. Not just because before I didn't have a baby and afterwards I did. It was a shock physically as well. LIKE Holy Frig. Let me count the ways.... 1. It hurt so... Continue Reading →

My baby is not easier than your baby.

One of the most obnoxious and frustrating things I have dealt with from people since having my baby, is unwarranted 'jealousy'. I am not talking about "Wow, I can't believe how much cuter your baby is than mine." --- Because... Continue Reading →

Newborns don’t do much.

Pretty soon after giving birth to my girl, I realized it was not always easy occupying a newborn. Babies don't do very much, especially in the first few months. It took my babe till about 4 months for her to... Continue Reading →

I kept my baby alive today.

After putting my babe down for a nap, I quickly cleaned the floors. That is, until I ran out of Wet Jet cleaner and didn't want to walk across the wet floors to get more. I started thinking, "What are... Continue Reading →

My baby has to go to bed.

Old people... By old people, I mean people in the generation before mine. My husbands parents, aunts & uncles, etc... My baby goes to bed for the night at 8:30pm right now. If she goes to bed 15 minutes later... Continue Reading →

I can’t send this baby back.

Even though I had my loving husband, beautiful baby girl, and my mother in our home, I have never felt so alone.

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